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Do you like our site, want to let people know about it? If you do, here are some banners for us and a few other similar sites (or just sites that are nice). If you know how to make a link, then you can use the following web addresses for the banners. (And if you do link to us, please say so in the message board, we'd love to check it out.)

Small Banners

Realm of Sauron (our affiliated Lord of the Rings site):

The Realm of Sauron


Keeper of the Ring

Large Banner(s)


Keeper of the Ring

If you have an idea for a banner for us (or can help us make a better one) then kindly post a message for us in the message board e-mail us at keeperofthering@mail.com.

-Andrew and Tristan (webmasters of Keeper of the Ring)

Realm of Sauron:

The Realm of Sauron